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Meet Rebecca 

Licensed Therapist (LCSW, MSW)

Hi, I'm Rebecca Deardorff (she/her).

I am a quirky, neurodivergent queer cis woman who loves working with out-of-the-box people on out-of-the-box issues. Be prepared for me to show up as my authentic self with a couple of cuss words along the way!

I offer sex-positive, kink-positive, and LGBTQIA+-affirming services to people who are looking for therapy or coaching. I approach my work through an anti-oppression lens, striving to actively challenge and dismantle systems of oppression while doing my own work and examining my own privilege.

Through therapy or coaching, we can work on developing coping strategies for mental health concerns, exploring the complexities of kink and BDSM in a consensual and safe manner, and navigating the challenges and rewards of non-traditional relationships. My goal is to help you gain self-awareness, develop healthy relationship skills, and cultivate a positive mindset.

I invite you to reach out and start a conversation. Together, we can embark on a journey of growth, self-discovery, and empowerment in a way that aligns with your values and individual needs. Let's begin this transformative process and create a more fulfilling and authentic life for you.


I work with individuals from all walks of life, however my specialty lies in providing tailored support and solutions to people who are struggling with one or more of the following:

LGBTQIA+ Identities

I take immense pride in offering services to my fellow LGBTQIA+ community members. I recognize the unique challenges that come with being Queer and/or Trans in a straight and cis world. LGBTQIA+ clients will be met with understanding, reassurance, and unwavering support.

Kink & Fetishes

I believe that kinky people and their wonderfully unique relationships can benefit from therapy just like anyone else. I help clients navigate the complex emotions and communication challenges that come with the world of fetish and kink.

Discovering Your Identity (A.K.A. Late Bloomers)

When a client is coming to terms with a new identity, or questioning what their identity could be, I offer a safe space to ask questions and explore what feels right for you. Coming out with a new identity later in life as a late bloomer can be particularly challenging. I meet clients where they're at and help them explore at a pace that works for them.

Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) & Polyamory

While monogamy works great for some people, it's certainly not for everyone. I understand the unique communication challenges and complex emotions that come with ENM and polyamory. From insecurity to compersion, I'm here to support clients of all relationship types and structures.

Autism, ADHD, and Neurodiversity

I understand how difficult it can be to thrive in a world that simply isn't built for your brain. I help clients learn new skills to better cope with this disconnect, while validating the difficulties they face every day.

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