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Services (2).png

While all services are offered by me, Rebecca (MSW, LCSW), not all services are the same. 

Therapy is a protected mental health service that addresses psychological concerns, emotional challenges, and/or mental health issues. It teaches clients important skills for navigating mental health challenges and is covered by most insurance agencies. I am licensed to work with people in Tennessee and North Carolina. I accept insurance through Aetna and United Healthcare.

Coaching focuses on problem-solving. While there are no specific regulations and requirements to be a coach, I believe my education (BSW, MSW) makes me a capable and ethical coach. Most people require around six coaching sessions to problem-solve specific concerns in their lives. Insurance does not cover coaching as it does not require a licensed practitioner. The benefit of coaching is the ability to work with a coach regardless of location. Coaching packages are also customizable. 

Relationship Counselling uses therapeutic techniques to rebuild and strengthen relationships. It is a protected mental health service that addresses emotional challenges and interpersonal issues, however, it is rare that insurance agencies will cover the cost. I am licensed to work with people in Tennessee and North Carolina.

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Therapy: $150/session | Coaching: $175/session | Relationship Counselling: $175/session

Everyone deserves the opportunity to invest in themselves. Whether you're interested in therapy or coaching, you are embarking on an important journey. 


I recognize that not everyone has the financial privilege to access these services. If you are interested in working with me but find that money is a barrier, you can sign up for a sliding-scale service as I have built sliding-scale appointments into my practice model. These appointments can range from 25% to 75% off, depending on your income.

Note: Sliding-scale services are currently full. Please join the waitlist here.

A consultation is a great way to figure out which service is right for you!

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